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How to choose high-quality headphones? Just pay attention to these points!
Date:2021-07-30 09:46:01    Source:THK    Views:
A high-quality headset can not only effectively protect our ears, but more importantly, the sound quality it brings can make your ears pregnant in minutes. Nowadays, music has become one of the current methods of stress reduction, and even a tool for concentration. Headphones are a medium for spreading music. Everyone always has a little bit of pursuit for their own dedicated earphones. If you think that you can buy the headset you like by watching those bragging ads every day, then you may be a little naive. The choice of earphones is not as simple as picking radish and cabbage, nor as complicated as imagined. If you know how to choose, the road to headphones is half the battle.
Look at the types of earphones: When earphones become an indispensable digital accessory in life, many people choose earphone types according to their profession and usage scenarios when choosing earphones. What types of earphones are available for specific scenarios and different occupations? Woolen cloth? Which headset can I choose?
1.1. Sports: If you are a bodybuilder who exercises every day, sports headphones should naturally be light and comfortable. How to see if the headset is light and comfortable? It’s best to look at the material. Generally speaking, the lighter materials are titanium nickel memory alloy and plastic silicone. These two materials are lighter and more flexible. They are easy to store and will not bring you anything. Exercise burden. Knowing the material, we must know what the representative of the sports headset. Lighter and more comfortable sports earphones are bone conduction earphones and neck-mounted earphones. They use ears and neck as earphone support to minimize the load brought by earphones and make exercise easier.
1.2. Daily entertainment: In daily life, who doesn’t have any entertainment hobbies of their own? Watching TV shows and playing games are daily entertainment activities. If you want a better entertainment experience, please immerse yourself in your own world. Then choose headphones with better sound insulation. Headphones generally have comfortable earmuffs that wrap the ears, which can strongly isolate external noise, bring a comfortable wearing experience under the premise of noise reduction, and bring attention to use.
1.3. Commuting business: For business people or taxi drivers who have to drive to work every day, it is indispensable when they need to navigate and listen to voice. At this time, you need to choose a mono Bluetooth headset with a clear call. The advantage of a unilateral Bluetooth headset is that it can monitor the sound of the surrounding environment while ensuring clear listening. For the convenience of operation, when choosing a commuter business headset, it is best to choose a headset that can be completely separated from the mobile phone. In this way, commuting or driving outdoors will be more convenient and reduce certain safety hazards.
Look at the connection method: There are two types of connection methods for earphones on the market: wired connection and wireless connection. Different connection methods bring different user experiences. What is the difference between the two?
2.1 Wireless connection: The new mobile phones on the market now all cancel the audio interface, so wireless headphones have become the first choice of most people. Secondly, wireless earphones are not bound by cables, and are more convenient to use than wired earphones and have a wider range of usage scenarios. The wirelessly connected headset mainly uses Bluetooth technology to realize sound transmission. In the past, the existence of Bluetooth may be a chicken rib, but today’s Bluetooth technology is very mature and has greater advantages in transmission speed and power consumption. With the continuous development of technology, the Bluetooth version is no longer single, and different versions of Bluetooth have their own advantages. There are mainly three versions of Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 on the market. The main advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 is low power consumption, that is, low power consumption. The advantage of the 4.1/4.2 Bluetooth version is that it is fully networked, that is, it can connect not only to headphones, but also to smart devices such as sports bracelets and mobile phones.
2.2 Wired connection: Wired earphones are usually directly plugged into the earphone jack of the mobile phone for use. The sound quality of wired earphones is often better than that of wireless earphones. Why? Because wired headphones do not need to consider the transmission rate and environmental signal issues, the audio will not be compressed, and lossless transmission can be achieved directly. Wired headsets have been developed for so many years, and the technology is definitely more mature than wireless Bluetooth headsets. So for current music enthusiasts, no matter how mature the Bluetooth technology is, they basically won’t choose wireless headphones. However, as the name suggests, wired headsets are the "wired" that most affects the user experience. The headphone cord is easy to get tangled and it is very difficult to straighten it. Cables can also create obstacles to movement when they are busy. Therefore, wired headphones can only be used for daily entertainment and listening. It is best not to use wired headphones when commuting. When there are many people, it is easy to cause safety hazards. Buying advice: If you usually like to exercise or commute frequently, it is recommended to choose a wireless headset that is not bound by cables; if you are an enthusiast or just for daily entertainment, you can consider choosing a Bluetooth headset with better sound quality.
Additional features: Due to the increasing popularity of headsets, in addition to the ability to listen to audio and support Bluetooth connectivity, current headsets also come with some additional features, such as waterproof and noise reduction. 3.1 Waterproof function: As one of the digital products widely used daily, the waterproof standard is also one of the reference data we must pay attention to. How to look at the waterproof standard, please refer to the IPAB standard. AB stands for two numbers, A stands for dustproof level, and B stands for waterproof level. The larger the number, the better the waterproof and dustproof performance. If it is for waterproofing, if it is used for daily waterproofing, choosing a waterproof level of 4 is enough to resist daily splashing; if you want to wash and clean daily or swim underwater, it is recommended to choose a waterproof level above 5 .
3.2 Noise reduction function: Noble ears are often baptized with the sounds of nature, rather than being corroded by discordant noise. On the premise of enjoying good sound quality, it is necessary to get rid of the noise. If you want to protect your ears and drive away the strong noise, you must choose a headset with noise reduction function. The noise reduction function is to optimize and eliminate the noise source. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate it, at least the sound quality after noise reduction will be more realistic. If you are a music enthusiast, it is recommended to choose headphones with noise reduction function. Purchase advice: The choice of additional functions varies from person to person. If you are focusing on the practicality of daily life scenes, the waterproof function is one of the must-have functions. If you are an enthusiast who pursues high sound quality, it is best to choose headphones with noise reduction function.

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